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Dr. Andrew Davis, Dr. Corey Tu
Andrea Bianconi

Dear Friends,

I hope you can join us for an inspiring evening exploring the synthesis of art and music with Andrew Davis, Dean of the McGovern College of the Arts and Professor of Music Theory at the University of Houston in collaboration with pianist Corey Tu. This evening will be a unique live performance and a conversation on the intricacies of this amazing interaction between contemporary art and sound. This immersive experience features musical compositions by Francis Poulenc and Johann Sebastian Bach selected as an inspired reaction to the profound artwork of Andrea Bianconi. Bianconi’s current exhibition “Journey of the Chair,” on view at Barbara Davis Gallery, is replete with musical resonances—from the concept of the generative “idea” that governs the entire exhibition, to the evolution of ideas into literal shapes, figures, and meandering lines and textures that bounce around the entire gallery. It will be an electric event!

Barbara Davis

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