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October 14, 2011 – December 2, 2011

Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston, Texas

Trappole del Piensero, a solo-exhibition of sculpture and works on paper.

Italian artist Andrea Bianconi reconstructs the world by means of its very own ruins. His oeuvre is an incessant wandering amidst dreams, obsessions, risks, surprises, and an endless roaming among the fragments of words and things. He explores the spectacle that is delirium and destruction, assemblage and disassemblage in order to reach an apparent reality that Bianconi describes as the "Fantasy Ridge dell'Everest." This act however, is more than a method in his process, it is an idea that Bianconi investigates in this new body of work to trace the pathway of the imagination and ascertain the intangible.

Andrea Bianconi’s exhibition Trappole del Piensero, translated from the Italian to mean, “trap for thoughts,” analyzes the dynamics of introspection. A critical device within the exhibition and central to Bianconi’s one-night only performance is the motif of the mask, referencing the convictions in which we take refuge and the prejudices behind which we hide. Rather than protect or conceal, Bianconi’s masks capitulate and reveal themselves as elaborately adorned objects, inner workings becoming outer embellishments. For his performance Trap for Minds, Bianconi’s masks become literal facets, slowly and simultaneously divulging and consuming.

Drawings, such as A Charmed Life, described as “drawn sculptures” or “written drawings,” become maps of mental constructs linking sequences of thoughts, uninterrupted in their comings and goings, creating a nimble passage between verbal and visual language. Ultimately, Bianconi seeks to make sense of the intangible --to tame thought or, rather, trap it momentarily through his sculpture and drawings that act as exploded diagrams for his musings.

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