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Sep 06, 2019 7:30pm

Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston, TX - USA

Cage, arrow, wings, action: these are the essential elements of my work.

In the last performance I set up inside Milan’s prison of San Vittore, “How to build a direction”, I caged the cage and released the inmates. I set them free, completely free, for an hour.

During the performance, I sang, together with the inmates and the audience, a song called "The arrow" that I wrote a while ago.

The song is about the search for love and suddenly says “… to make you love you need Cupid, to make Cupid you need an angel, to make an angel you need Cupid, to make Cupid we need a bow, to make a bow you need the arrow". It is from this song that I want to develop the show.

In Cupid I see the figure encompassing all the elements that are part of my work: the arrow, the wings, the search for a direction. Z Cupid embodies the human being. We are all Cupid.

We are the ones shooting arrows, we are the ones holding our own bow.

The arrows represent our wishes and dreams, our words, our projects, our hopes. The meaning of our existence lies precisely in that network of relationships, connections, love stories.

I designed this new exhibition like a huge world, of sensation where everything converges to help human beings find their own direction in life.

Drawings, canvases, sculptures, installations, a quiver with arrows, every medium is involved, because the exhibition is first and foremost a meditation on choice, and therefore on the directions people have to take.

The power of love is incredibly strong when we make choices. We are warriors of love. We are prisoners of love. And in a small canvas I saw that two open arrows going opposite ways can even end up becoming a heart.

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