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September 22 - November 5, 2011
Avoiding a self-referential racking of the brain, in Mind Over Mind the intimism of Andrea Bianconi’s work is an observatory of the dynamics of introspection in relation to the observation of the other.

Black is the element linking the works on display, which include drawings in pen and ink on paper and installations in painted wood and metal: it conceals what we do not know, while anxieties open up, touching an ambiguous sense of belonging and extraneousness.

Both the installations and the drawings break down their formal unity. It would be better to speak of ‘drawn sculptures’ and ‘written drawings’, i.e. of the necessity for a nimble passage between languages that overcome their differences.

Traps for Clouds hangs from the ceiling like a tangle of metallic lines, attempting to enclose what cannot be enclosed, placing itself farther along towards an exact opposite that expands constantly, as in Multiplicity of One, where the elements spread out like concentric circles, alluding to fragmentations and unstable boundaries.

The installations are first of all mental constructions that call our attention back to human conflicts, to the certainties in which we take refuge, to the prejudices behind which we hide, but also to the way it is possible to go beyond the self and move towards the other, caught in the process of multiplication. The drawings, Hand and Home, trigger a continuity where one word calls to mind the other word and one image opens up to the other image, chaining sequences of thoughts to the sheet.

It is impossible to establish whether everything takes place in the name of explosion or implosion, of protection or imprisonment (as in Face): all possibilities are open in a process that is cyclic, in a set of connected routes where the various subjects appear to be immersed in a single body, as in Hands Over Mind, Trip Over Mind and Air Over Mind.

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