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Jan 12 - Feb 24, 2024 Barbara Davis Gallery is pleased to announce "Invisible Dance", Andrea Bianconi's 15th solo exhibition with the Gallery.
In this exhibition, Bianconi introduces an irresistible blur - What exists between the soul and the body? where do the rational and irrational align? When does fiction become reality?

Bianconi playfully examines the very core of his inner self, masterfully meshing light-hearted creativity with deeply introspective ideas. To Bianconi, the veil becomes an obvious vehicle to explore his simultaneously fantastical and grounded concepts. The veil teases understanding, giving a hint of what lies beneath. Along with his signature arrows, Bianconi manipulates soft transparency in his drawings, sculpture, and performance. He explores the cognitive dissonance created by living the human experience and in doing so, allows for us to get a peek beneath his veil. We follow along his never-ending line of questioning, getting lost in the gentle folds and mysterious layers. The veil itself presents a hidden truth that dances with the physicality - what is it that we cannot fully see? Cannot fully understand? It is that thing that we are chasing, like Bianconi's restless arrows.

In a truly contemplative body of work, Bianconi decides that this deeply human wondering is an electric love affair with his own world. With each new perspective as we walk around his work, we reveal a new layer of meaning and a new layer of connection. With his sculpture, Bianconi considers life and its temporal fragility juxtaposed by the ecstatic celebration of living.

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