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October 13 - November 11, 2017

Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston, TX-USA

Barbara Davis Gallery is pleased to announce Drawing, a solo-exhibition by artist Andrea Bianconi, opening Friday, October 13, 2017, with an artist’s reception and book signing from 6:30-8:30pm and a performance by the artist at 7:30pm. This exhibition includes drawings, sculpture, and a large-scale site-specific installation of wall drawings throughout the gallery. SOLO, a monograph published by AmC Collezione Coppola, with a conversation between Andrea Bianconi and internationally recognized Catherine de Zegher, Director of the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent, formally the Director of the Drawing Center New York, and curator of the exhibition On The Line, Museum of Modern Art New York, New York.

In his exhibition Drawing, Bianconi presents new works through the use of symbols, primarily the arrow, Bianconi constructs imaginative landscapes composed of obsessive marks that symbolize direction and movement. Countless hand-drawn arrows swarm the canvases and wall drawings; the positive and negative spaces between each intricate mark implying depth and dimension. From afar, the drawings appear to pulsate—familiar landscape imagery gradually emerges, and then quickly recedes back into the mass of lines. Drawing pays tribute to a journey, full of surprises, desires, relations, connections, performance and sculptures. The mysterious landscapes illustrate the artist’s desires and exploration within his passage of an illusive world.

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