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April 9, 2010– May 1, 2010

Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston, TX- USA

A Charmed Life is an exhibition of new installations, sculptures, and drawings.

The Italian native explores the dichotomy of the public-self and the private-self through new works that draw upon fantasy and folklore. His sculptures, installations, and drawings read as a dream-like journey that blurs the boundary between the conscious and subconscious and time and space.

In his installation, A Charmed Life, various objects are fastened to hundreds of strings, woolen threads, and wires becoming a waterfall cascading from a single wall-mounted faucet. The delicate objects become divinatory charms that mark the memory of personal experience falling somewhere between materiality and spirituality. It is with this spirituality in mind that the installation becomes the focus of the artist’s performance. Shaman-like, the artist dips his hands into the stream of objects and through a series of sometimes graceful and sometimes forceful movements conducts the flow like an orchestra. Each time an object connects with each other the resulting sound is like the meeting of different realities.

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