Author: Andrea Bianconi

Format: Paperback- 96 pages
Dimensions: 12 x 17 cm

Binding: Glue Bound

Process: Offset printed

Color : Black and White

Publication date: 2012

Published by Cura Books

Published on the occasion of RU Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn NY

Publication City/Country: Rome, Italy

Edition size: 500

This book illustrates a segment of Bianconi's stream of consciousness, in which each page incorporates several images that reveal a representation of the artist's thoughts as they appear in the mind. The text is traversed by an unreachable flow of meaning. There is a continuous relationship between each word, thus each image is connected to the next. THere is no beginning or end, but rather a circular narrative indicating a discourse-course that is crossed by an endless chain of associations, void, surplus, lapsus. In the first page Bianconi writes "I would run away but there is the reality."