Andrea Bianconi. Performance 2006-2016. You and myself

Author: Andrea Bianconi

Format Hardback | 256 pages illustrations throughout

Publication date: 28 Jun 2016

Published by Silvana Editoriale

Published on the occasion of the exhibition from the Casa Testori, Novate Milan 21 May-24 July 2016

Publication City/Country: Milan, Italy

Language: Italian / English

Ten years of performances. Ten years in which Andrea Bianconi (Vicenza, 1974) has used his body as a language of expression, as a matrix of signs. But without the exhibition of a sacrifice, of a "desperate gesture of love" ( as in the romantic, traumatic years of Body Art), instead with a show more reminiscent of cabaret, review, amateur theatre, complete with gags and comedy. The atmosphere created is close to the flux of paradoxical and hypnotic actions typical of the Happening or of Fluxus. Not messages or manifestos, therefore, but narrations of "small nothings", which do, however, make us aware of something else. Bianconi is a quick-change actor, a tightrope walker, a navigator of ages and bodies. An actor, but also the director of collective performances, such as The Chinese Umbrella Hat Project (2010), where 88 girls walked through the streets of Shanghai, moving lightly and casually, like a colorful cloud, approaching the public in order to create a sensation of encounter and relation. In order to stage, in a fable-like climate, contact and mingling between his own subjectivity and that of others. Between You and Myself.